February 14, Amelia Frost Ordination Anniversary

The Congregational Church at Littleton was a place of more than local interest on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1894.

The first ordained female minister in the Congregational tradition in New England is
our very own Amelia Frost. When the Rev. George B. Frost was incapacitated by sickness, his wife, Amelia, was called by the Littleton congregation to take his place.  She faced a legion of church leaders unwilling to disrupt tradition.  She was pointedly asked “If she believes that the Bible points toward a woman preaching, or if it were ever intended
she should preach?”

You will find her answer and a partial account of her questioning by the Ecclesiastical Council to determine whether she was a fit candidate for ordination in Littleton, Massachusetts, 1714 – 2014: Celebrating 300 Years of History” published by
The Littleton Historical Society.

The book dedicates two pages about the ordination process and the clergy who participated. A copy of the book has been donated to the church, for now it is located in the church office.