Blessings, Hope and Peace… Plans for a Very Special Fall

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Saturday morning, May 9, we held our All Ministries Forum. As usual, we looked at how our different committees, small groups and teams are separately and collectively living out our calling to “Share God’s Love, Grow in Faith and Welcome All… For the Purpose of Changing Lives and Changing the World.” If you would like to learn more about specific plans that were discussed, please contact the office and we’ll forward you the minutes of our sharing time. Here, in this article, I’d like to lift up two themes that surfaced—how blessed we are as a church and hopes and plans for a very special fall.

Regarding being blessed as a church, we reflected on how deeply committed to serving God so many of our members are. We talked about how supportive people have been during this year of renovations, not only financially but also in being flexible with the disruptions in the availability of space and in keeping our ministries going in spite of major space limitations. We felt that we’ve done a good job of not forgetting that the purpose of the renovations is not only to have a nice building but to have a safe, healthy space for meaningful, transformative ministry.

Regarding hopes and plans for a special fall, we talked about what a unique time it will be in CCOL’s history. We’ll dedicate our newly renovated building and, at the same time, we’ll be celebrating CCOL’s 175th anniversary year. We also discussed what a wonderful opportunity these events will be for reaching out to and welcoming the wider community. There will be various opportunities over the summer to help plan and prepare for these historical events. Whenever possible, I hope you’ll join in.

As part of our closing worship, I asked people to share a word or phrase that expressed some aspect of their hopes and prayers for CCOL as we move into our renovated building and our 175th year. They are pictured in the June 2015 Parish News.

If you think of something you’d like to add, please share it with me.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Vern Swett