Church Bequeathed Parsonage in 1960

Did you Know?

On August 15, 1960, our Church received a letter from Attorney Alfred F. Glavey of Littleton stating the following:

“As required by the Massachusetts statutes, I hereby notify you that the will of Florence B. Lamson provides in part as follows:

“I devise the land and buildings located at 60 New Estate Road, Littleton, Mass. to the Orthodox Congregationa Church, Littleton, Mass. It is my wish that said Church use the above mentioned premises as a parsonage.”

Said premises are subject to an existing mortgage with the North Middlesex Savings Bank, Ayer, Mass. in the principal amount of $1500.”

The Lowell Sun ran an article entitled “Parsonage Bequeathed to Littleton Church” on April 27, 1960. Note the typographical error by the editor in this article stating the location as “New Castle Road” should be New Estate Road.

Our Church has been using 60 New Estate Road as a parsonage for 56 years now!

Deb Rosson on behalf of the Property Committee