Monday Night Bible Study

Monday Night Bible Study – Isaiah begins July 17!

Sometimes referred to as the fifth gospel, the book of Isaiah provides an incredible foundation which Jesus and his followers drew upon. The Book of Isaiah is a collection of writings which began to be written in the 8th century before Christ, and was updated periodically to reflect the experience and hopes of the Jewish people. Ideas, quotes, and theology which we have come to associate with Christianity are found in Isaiah. Many of Jesus words are quotes from Isaiah. To truly comprehend the message of Christ as the early listeners heard it requires developing an understanding of what those early converts in Judea thought, believed and how they placed their faith. No other Hebrew Bible reading provides this basis more than the Book of Isaiah.

Bible Study meets Monday night at 7:30 in the Youth Group Room on the lower level. Bring your Bible or use one or some provided. ALL ARE WELCOME. See Gary Gumuchian if you have any questions about Bible Study