Church Council June 2017

Church Council

June 2017

After the opening hymn and prayer, the Council approved an addendum to the Music Director’s contract.

Pastoral coverage for August by Rev. Lee Atherton for preaching and on call coverage was approved.

Rich Harrington announced that the Intentional Interim Search Committee has been formed with members: Rich Harrington, Susan Janes, Connie Turner, Skip Roy, and Holly Magner.  The committee has already met, is reading two books, and has a goal of a September hire.

Rich explained that the Senior Pastor makes the decisions about the order and content of worship for Sunday services.  While there may not be agreement by everyone, when changes are made, it was decided that the Council will support the pastor’s decisions.

During the July 16 service, Rev. Swett will be released from pastoral duties here a CCoL.  Vern’s role as our Senior Pastor will end at that time and cannot be called upon to officiate at services, weddings, funerals, and etc. from that time forward.  Rev. Keast will preach for the rest of July and Rev. Atherton will cover the month of August.

The nomination of Noralie Sarver to the Music Committee was affirmed by Council.

Rev. Keast announced that there are a number of volunteers who signed up to work on a Pictoral Directory.  Sarah Nastasia, who has a background in design, volunteered to lead the group.

The Council will not meet in July unless there is a reason for a meeting.  The next scheduled meeting will be August 10 at 7:30.