Pastoral Search Committee

Pastoral Search Committee

Second in a Series of Updates


For the next couple of weeks the church is celebrating Vern’s 15 years as our spiritual leader.  Goodbyes are being said and farewell events are being planned.  As part of the process of saying goodbye, a group of church leaders representing the Minister Parish Relations Committee, Personnel, Interim Search Committee, and Deacons, along with Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, met with Vern for an exit interview.  While these events are moving forward, the Intentional Interim Search Committee is working to find someone to be our spiritual leader in the interim. The interim time in the life of a congregation is an opportunity to gain clarity on the church’s mission ¾discovering what God is calling us to do and to be ¾ before finding a settled pastor.  Looking inside of ourselves to make that discovery may not be easy, but the Search Committee is committed to finding someone who will help us and prepare us for a new settled pastor.

The Search Committee’s goal is to hire a final candidate to begin the program year.  With that in mind the Committee recently completed a church profile which the Conference Minister will distribute to prospective interims.  She has assured us that there are candidates who she feels will be a good fit for us.  Once applications come in, the Search Committee will begin interviews.

Please feel free to speak to members of the Search Committee if you have questions: Rich Harrington,

Connie Turner,  Susan Janes, Skip Roy and Holly Magner.