Elf Convention, Sept. 24

Elf Convention, Sept. 24

It’s almost Labor Day so it must be time to talk about the CHRISTMAS FAIR!

There will be a gathering of the Elves on Sunday, Sept. 24 immediately after worship.

Elf Recruitment Program.

Some of our long-time (like 20 years maybe?) CCoL Elves are looking into the retirement package. It’s time for new legs, renewed energy, new ideas, improved ideas. Whatcha got?

We welcome all to join us for a planning meeting. It’s a great way to meet new people. How? With the right amount of energy, we will a establish a once-a-week Elves Confab to build our sales inventory, hone the edges for fair day, socialize, laugh and create. In the past, Monday evening, around 6ish was the favored evening and time, but that too is negotiable.

Your CCoL Fair Ladies