Serving children locally, through supporting kids in Foster Care


Here in Littleton we host a number of foster children that need our love and support.   In 2017 we are piloting help for kids in foster care by supporting one mother with foster children.  Based on feedback regarding this year we will explore what would be involved in expanding to more in 2018.  Our close foster mom can get called at any hour of the day and night and asked to take children who have been pulled from their home for various emergencies.  The children usually arrive with nothing more than what they are wearing and anything else jammed into a garbage bag.  The state government provides an allowance of approximately $20/child.  However, this isn’t enough.  We have creating care kits for foster kids.  We hope in each kit to include a new toothbrush, clean pajamas, coloring book and crayons, a handmade stuffed bear (see them on display in the Service is Sweete Shoppe), and hopefully a small blanket for comfort.  Each kit will be packed into a reusable bag.  We need your help with the following items:

Socks and underwear – boys and girls from toddler up to 8 years old

Pajamas – boys and girls in sizes up to 8 yrs

Fleece fabric (min 1 yd segments) for making blankets to put in the kits

Clothing (ideally new with tags)