What is the Service is Sweet Shoppe?

We’re all busy people with big hearts.  We want to be the body of Christ but we have errands to run, things to do, responsibilities to keep.  Yet, there are times we are stuck waiting and if there was just something small we could do while waiting at the doctor’s office, or at a restaurant, or in the car then we’d be happy to help.  The Service is Sweet Shoppe is meant to make mission work mobile in two ways.

Grab ‘n’ go kits – There are a variety of crafts and card kits meant for anyone to take and do when they have a few free minutes.  Each kit contains instructions and can be exchanged for a new kit.

Mission Idea Cards – Looking for inspiration beyond knitting a hat or crocheting a pocket prayer shawl?  There is a new binder with post-card sized inserts of volunteer and mission opportunities in our community.  Flip through the binder and feel free to take the post card with you as a reminder throughout the week.