Funding Requests and Online Giving Campaigns

Funding Requests and Online Giving Campaigns

Jennifer Goltsberg

Facebook Master

As chair of Mission Outreach and a person with access to the church’s Facebook (FB) page I am sometimes asked if “the church” could support a particular cause or program either financially or by using the church’s FB page to promote it.  The church can have a powerful influence on individuals and the community and I take that platform very seriously.  I consider a number of criteria when deciding what to do.

#1 – Is the person actively engaged in the congregation?  This goes beyond membership, attendance, and pledging on a weekly basis.  Does this person or group work to support Christ’s message?  Are they volunteers, or contributors in some manner.

#2 – Does the request align with the mission of the church?  For example, feeding a member who is hungry after a job loss or a health crisis.  Helping a family get their lives in order after a house fire.  Helping raise money and awareness about a mission trip all align with Christ’s message and our church’s mission.

#3 – If the funding request is for a program, who is the target audience, and will it deepen the congregation’s involvement or broaden our reach into the community?  I’ve had requests for running a grief discussion group.  This is valid, worthy, and important work but it would benefit a very small number of people.

#4 – Would I want to defend my decision to the congregation or council?  It is a privilege to have a chair position and access to the Facebook content which I take seriously.  I want to be respectful yet also challenge us to act tangibly in the real world.  If I’m challenged as to why I posted one thing on FB and not another I want there to be apparent reasons behind it.

If a request doesn’t fit neatly into the questions above, I seek the advice of others for their input.