Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant –

All are Welcome!

If your child (Sunday School and or Middle School age) would like to participate as a lead in the Christmas Eve pageant please notify Gary Gumuchian via email ( The leads include: Joseph, Mary, the Angel of the Lord, 3 Magi, Lead Shepherds, Lead Angels, King Herod, and possibly the Innkeeper. Leads will need to be at church on December 17 for a brief rehearsal after Sunday School and obviously be present for the 5 o’clock service on Christmas Eve.

If your Middle School or High School aged youth would like to be a narrator for the pageant, or assist with the production, please email Gary and let him know.

All children and youth are welcome to participate in the Christmas Eve pageant. If your child does not wish to be a lead, they are welcome to participate as Shepherds and Angels. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the 5 o’clock service (this would be 4:45) so we may get your child into costume.

We look forward to seeing everyone who wants to be involved in the pageant having fun Christmas Eve.