Breath in, Breathe Out


Dear Members and Friends:


Several times over the past few days when I was giving Gracie (the Princess of the Congregational Manor House on New Estate Road) her morning brushing, I watched a monarch butterfly (or maybe it was the Viceroy, the monarch lookalike).  It reminded me of the day I found myself in a swarm of migrating monarchs, as well as countless times I’ve chased butterflies with my camera.  The monarch, though, has a special place in my heart.  Yes, it is pretty, but I have seen more beautiful butterflies.  What fills me with awe is the epic journey which the monarch undertakes twice a year.  In the spring from points as far south as Mexico to as far north as Halifax, and in the fall the reverse.

It’s a journey that requires the survival of multiple generations, 3-4 at a time.

It’s a journey that happens like clockwork.

It is one where the butterflies will not only follow the same routes, but land in the same trees—how can they know when the memory of which tree must be inherited?

It is one where these delicate creatures can reach speeds up to 25 mph.  Bet you can’t go that fast.

The monarch fills me with awe and wonder.  Thank you, God, for the miraculous.

Each monarch in every stage of its life, over multiple lifetimes, is not able to see the big picture and yet it does its part and the epic happens!

God has invited us into partnership in God’s epic act of creation of which you and I get to have a magnificent part.  Maybe we are the grub voraciously chomping away at a leaf.  I’d rather think that you and I are the butterfly that floats with the breeze and soars through the sky, wings spread.

Sometimes when we are doing our part, we can see the whole picture and how our piece fits in.  More often than not, we do our part trusting that each part fits with another and together we have an epic accomplishment.

This is our call as people of faith.  We listen to God’s call.  We enter into the vision of the church which Jesus invites us to embrace as his disciples.  We give our piece, we give our all.  Trusting.  Hoping.  Praying.  From time to time we see, and we fly.

We live in a world which tells us to be mistrustful of institutions; and yet Jesus invites us to trust his vision.  The church endeavors to be the Body of Christ. Enter in.  Be a part.  Give.  Support.  Do what we can.  And then believe that as people of faith and as a faith community the journey we are engaging in is a transformative one.

I encourage you to believe in Jesus’ Call.  Breathe in and breathe out.  Feel it in your lungs.  Stretch till you can’t stretch further.  Feel it in your muscles and bones.  It’s that ache that feels so alive.  Life.  The vision.  The dream.  We are monarchs.

This is the miracle of faith, of life, of the church.  Come, let’s fly together.

Love, Grace, and Peace,

Pastor Bruce