Entering into God’s Miracle – You are a part of it!

Miracles!  Gifts from God.  Signs of the Holy Spirit.  For some, the “proof” that God exists.  Being a Part of the Miracle that Is our Church is the theme of our annual stewardship program which begins on October 14, culminating in Consecration Sunday on November 11.  In these coming weeks, we will be exploring different aspects of miracles during worship.  Several members of the congregation will share what their faith and church mean to them, and others will offer why or how they give to this family of faith.

Beginning in October, a framed mirror will be placed on the stairs leading to the sanctuary.  Everyone is invited to write just a few words on various-sized wood pieces (which will be available in the Parish Hall) sharing experiences of miracles they have known.  After being collected each week, the wood pieces will gradually be added to the mirror, as together we watch the four-sided frame become filled with inspirational and miraculous messages.

We will also have a guest preacher on Consecration Sunday as well as a new caterer for the traditional luncheon served after worship.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, and to recognize in the mirror the unique and sacred part each of us plays in God’s miracle!