Blue Christmas Longest Night Service


Does Christmas and the holiday season leave you feeling blah?

Are you feeling lonely?

Does it bring the worst out in your family?

Does the season remind you of someone who is no longer with you who you dearly miss?

Is it just one big, “Humbug”?

Are you not feeling cheerful, and just don’t want to pretend to be?

This service might be right for you.  A “Blue” Christmas service usually takes place on the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice.  It is a service that acknowledges that all may not feel joyful at this time of year and allows space for that to happen.  The service will include some singing and music.  We will look at the Christmas Story that often goes overlooked, and yet it is right there in scripture.  You know, the one where no one has any room for “Them.” Mary and Joseph are alone.  All they have are rags for the baby and straw for a bed.

ALL are welcome!  That includes your neighbor, the stranger, the person society systemically rejects.

The planning team for this service is made up of Rev. Barb, Rev. Cynthia Wilder, Berni, and Pastor Bruce.