Annual Men’s Retreat

Men’s Retreat

September 27-29

Planned is a “guy” oriented event.

We will eat, talk, think, interact like men.

We will hang around a bonfire, grill steaks.

Our theme is being developed around a series of case studies, about which we are not likely to agree.  Agree to disagree.  Discuss them, and discuss how our Christian tradition might speak to the issues.

Meanwhile, worship in the woods, at the lake, as a group, and individually.

No fear of being asked to make a scrap book.

Yes, we do plan some free time…for a nap, a good read, or going on a hike, or whatever.

This year it is at Irons Homestead in Rhode Island.

Cost:  $125, if you are able; $50 deposit appreciated.

Included are meals, lodging, bedding, program costs.

Sign up on the Bulletin Board.