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If I donate my time and talents, isn’t that enough?  
Jesus encourages us all to give of our time,  talent, AND treasure.  Jesus tells the disciples that the small sacrifices of the less fortunate mean more to God than the extravagant donations of the wealthy.

Does my special offering count towards my Pledge?  
Special offerings, like the flower fund or for mission projects, are in addition to your Pledge.

How do I give my pledge?
Give your pledge during the worship service by cash or check in your pledge envelope.  You may prefer to give electronically because it is more convenient and reliable.  The frequency of your offering is up to you — weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly are common.

How do I give electronically?
Arrange for direct deduction of your offering and special gifts from your checking, savings, credit or debit card account in one simple session. This is the electronic equivalent of writing a check.

How do I set up my electronic giving?
1.  Start here!
2.  From there, you will go to a secure, online donation site where you will be prompted to choose a password; select the account to debit; and the frequency.  That’s it!
3.  Each year you need to set up your new pledge amount and terminate deductions for the prior pledge year.

What are the advantages of giving  electronically?
• It’s easy!  Just ask the Stewardship Committee!
• Convenient and  worry-free – Your offering is received even if you cannot attend worship.
• You can view and print out giving reports as needed.
• You can easily change the amount and frequency.

What is a Pledge envelope?
If you give during the worship service, you need to put your cash or check in your pledge envelope.  Pledge envelopes are available every January.  Your packet has an envelope for every Sunday in the year.  (If you prefer not to have a pledge envelope packet, for example if you give electronically, let the Collector know.)

What if I forget my Pledge envelope?
If you forget your pledge envelope, use any envelope and remember to indicate that it is a pledge.  This helps the Collector track your giving so that you can get an annual report for tax purposes.  Loose offerings cannot be attributed to anyone’s pledge, so using an envelope is especially important when giving cash.

What is the Offering Card?  
The Offering Card is a symbol of giving that allows those who give electronically, bi-weekly, or monthly to participate in the act of worship during the Offering.  Look for it in the pew rack!

What if I can’t pay the amount I originally pledge?
Your pledge is a promise to support God’s mission, but we understand that circumstances change. Please contact the Collector if you need to make changes to your pledge.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes, they are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. You will receive a statement in the first quarter of the year that details all the donations you made to the church in the previous year.