Give Online button

What is it?
A simple way for you to arrange for direct deduction of your offering and special gifts from your checking, savings, credit or debit card accounts in one simple session from a laptop or desktop computer.

How do you sign up?
Just go to this secure, online donation site. Then sign up by choosing a password; selecting the account to debit; and the frequency (e.g., weekly or one-time) of the deduction. That’s all there is to it!

What are the advantages to you?
• Simple to use
• Convenient
• Worry-free – Your offering/gift is received even when you can’t attend worship
• You can view & print out giving reports at your convenience
• You can easily change the amount and frequency if necessary
How does it help the church?
• Smoother, more dependable cash flow
• Less reporting requests for the Collector to answer
• Increased percentage of pledges completed by year-end

If you have questions about it you can direct them to Rich Harrington, Skip Roy or any member of the Finance and Stewardship committees.