• To ensure that appropriate music is provide as part of all services of worship in the Church.
  • To enhance the life and culture of our congregation by sponsoring special musical events and concerts.

Typical Committee Tasks/Activities

  • Meet monthly with the Minister of Music and Associate Handbell director to provide support, input and guidance for the Music program.
  • Organize and run musical concerts and events (this often includes organizing and providing refreshments or a pot-luck supper after events). Some events are annual, but the Music Committee can implement new musical events at any time and change existing events as they deem necessary.
  • Maintain the musical equipment in the church, such as pianos, organ, and choir robes. Select and purchase new equipment as needed. The Music Committee selected and purchased new choir robes in 2008.
  • Encourage participation in the church’s music ministry.
  • One member of the committee (preferably the Chair) attends Church Council meeting to provide representation on behalf of the Music program and to provide input to the Music Committee from the Council and wider church.
  • Provide input to the performance evaluation of the Minister of Music.

Some Helpful Skills & Talents

Enthusiasm about the role music plays in the life of the church.