A Deacon is an active member of the church, elected by the congregation to help the minister promote the SPIRITUAL LIFE and FELLOWSHIP of the church.


  • Coordinate and participate in the CARING MINISTRY of our church by:
  • Contacting and visiting the sick, infirmed, elderly or other members of the Church who need care.
  • Preparing meals for those in need
  • Organizing and providing simple funeral receptions for our church members.
  • Assist the minister in the worship life of the church by ASSISTING IN THE SACRAMENTS OF COMMUNION AND BAPTISM.
  • Help welcome new members.
  • Assist the clerk in keeping the membership list up to date.
  • Acknowledge letters received from the Congregation regarding matters that fall under the Diaconate’s jurisdiction
  • Disburse endowment funds that were left to the church to help people who are having financial challenges.
  • Participate in Maundy Thursday Service.
  • Attend monthly Deacon’s Meeting