• To prayerfully consider how best to match people and their skills with positions of responsibility within the church.
  • Encourage congregants to utilize their talents and abilities in the mission and ministries of the church.

Typical Committee Tasks/Activities

  • Identify the skills and talents of the members of the church family.
  • Determine where in the church structure we believe those people would best be suited to serve.
  • Personally contact those people to ascertain whether they would be interested in filling that or some other position within the church organization.
  • Communicate with the congregation about the opportunities within the church where they could put their God-given talents and abilities to use.
  • Provide a slate of candidates to the church membership for election to offices & positions within the church.
  • Sponsor leadership development events

Some Helpful Skills & Talents

  • Willingness to ask people directly about their participation in the church’s ministry.
  • Good general knowledge of our church’s many missions/activities
  • Desire to help people integrate into the life of our church community

Committee Composition/Term of Office

Five Members for a term of 3 years.

Groups Served

The entire church family.