To represent the congregation on personnel related matters and provide support to the church staff and the committees that provide oversight for the paid staff positions.

Typical Committee Tasks/Activities

  • Accountable for all personnel administration activity, except for specific actions that may be assigned to others (such as MPRC).
  • Create, maintain and review personnel policies as needed by the church and implement after approval of Church Council.
  • Train church staff and committee members that may supervise staff as to their personnel responsibilities including church personnel policies.
  • Support committees or staff with personnel responsibilities and act as the second level of approval for the performance administration process. May designate liaison(s) to committees or staff to assist with this duty.
  • Work with Finance Committee for salary administration including ministerial packages, establishing position salary ranges and developing an annual salary plan in cooperation with committees with personnel responsibilities.
  • Determine and implement staff benefits in consideration of church resources as approved by the Church Council.
  • Ensure that all employment contracts (when applicable) and job descriptions are reviewed and updated annually if necessary.
  • Be involved in staff fair treatment matters when the staff person, supervisor or responsible committee cannot resolve concerns.
  • Be involved with all hiring or termination activities by providing guidance, reviewing employment contracts, ministerial packages, job descriptions, offer letters, corrective actions and other related activities, but shall not act as a search committee.

Helpful Skills & Talents

  • Ideally have some experience with personnel matters.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Ability to work well with others.

Committee Composition/Term of Office

Three to five Members elected by the Church for a term of up to 3 years. Represented on the Church Council with voice and vote.

Groups Served

Church Staff, Church Council, MPRC, Property Committee, Christian Education Committee, Music Committee, Finance Committee, Treasurer.