The Property Committee is charged with the management and maintenance of the meetinghouse and the parsonage. The committee members view this work; and the tasks are multiple and varied, with an outlook of mission outreach We desire to keep our meeting house and parsonage clean, neat, safe and fully operational so that all can worship and do God’s work in an respectful manner.

Our works range from the mundane of securing oil and gas for heat; keeping the trash collected; to the complex of computer purchasing, networking and set up and lastly and to the joyous of, to using Church Meadows land for vegetable farming to feed the hungry and to hosting “Grubby Sunday”, when about 80 people showed up and did all kinds of outside and inside projects.

Our committee has opportunities for your assistance (no experience needed as we’ll train) from the simple short term to the complex long term. Please in the words of that old hymn “Come Labor On” and join in. All that will happen is that you’ll get a bit dirty and actually after a while you will come to enjoy this as a new found state of grace.