• To conduct an annual Stewardship Campaign (with a goal of each member and friend completing an “Estimate of Giving” card).
  • Provide continuous stewardship education including but not limited to encouraging commitment of God-given time, talent and resources (money) to the church, society, and the environment.

Typical Committee Tasks/Activities

  • Meet at least once per month to pick and plan the campaign, plan educational opportunities, and plan special offerings.
  • Submit newsletter and bulletin articles regularly communicating to the congregation status of the campaign, the special offerings, current financial status, and educational opportunities.
  • Once a campaign process is chosen, complete the required tasks to assure a successful campaign.

Some Helpful Skills and Talents

  • Desire to help integrate Stewardship into the spirituality of our Church.
  • Willingness to talk about money and its importance to the ongoing missions and ministries of our Church.

Committee Composition / Term of Office

Five persons elected by the church for a term of at least one year.

Groups Served

We serve all groups and ministries in the church.