Thank you for being willing to share the love of Jesus with visitors to our church by being a greeter. This is a very important part of stewardship in our church. As a greeter, many times you are the first representatives of our church that people meet.

Your cheerful and friendly attitude can make the difference between whether they feel like strangers, or like friends.
Guidelines for greeting:
  • Please be at the front door 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the service.
  • Please wear your nametags, or make one using the temporary tags as people tend to better remember a name when they’ve seen it in writing.
  • Use welcoming smiles and handshakes!
  • Invite people to wear nametags for the benefit of others.
  • Please be alert for newcomers and visitors and ask them to sign the guest book.
  • There is information about the church there in the narthex if they would like some.
When the service begins you may take your seats.
Thank you so much for being willing to perform this important ministry.
If you find that you’re unable to keep your commitment, please find a replacement and notify the church
Please call the office at 978-486-3245 or email if you have any questions.