Thank you!  Ushering is a very important part of stewardship. You are among the first representatives people meet. Your cheerful and friendly attitude can make the difference for both friends and newcomers.

Prior to the Service
• Arrive at the church by 9:30 a.m. (8:30 for summer Sunday worship).
• Wear your nametag.
• Collect offering plates and bulletins from the copy room and place on back windowsill.
• If the main door to Narthex is locked use the allen wrench key inside alcove to the side of narthex. The key fits the square hole on the right side of the left door. Hold handle down as you turn the key.
• Light candles in front of the tapestry window.
• Turn on all lights using controls located at the rear of the sanctuary on left side.
• Hand each person a bulletin.
• One usher should ring the bell in the balcony, 12 pulls at 9:45 and again at 10:00.

During the Service
• While children are still in worship (first 15 minutes), count everyone at worship, including ministers, choir, organist, children, people in the balcony and yourself.
• DO NOT seat people during the Invocation, Gloria Patri, Prayers, or Anthem.

Taking the Offering
• When the pastor finishes the Offering invitation, come forward down center aisle with offering plates.
• From the front, move up the center aisle toward the back of the sanctuary passing the plate at each pew. At the back, move to the side aisles, walk toward the front and repeat collection process from the side aisle.
• One usher should collect from anyone sitting in balcony.
• DO NOT collect from the choir and organist, or the pastors.
• Return to the back of the center aisle.
• As the Doxology is sung, both ushers come forward handing the offering to the minister. Remain there until the end of the unison prayer.

After the Service
• Collect bulletins and papers left in pews and return to recycle bin in copy room.
• Make sure all candles are blown out and ceiling fans are turned off.
• Turn off lights in sanctuary and balcony.
• Lock main entrance doors by holding bar down slightly, inserting key, and turning it toward the street. Raise bar to upright position. Return key to alcove.

Thank you so much for being willing to perform this important ministry. If you find you cannot make your commitment, please find a replacement and notify the church office. Any questions, call the office at 978-486-3245 or email at